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Remote Workers

Flexible Working is HereRemote Worker

  • More people than ever work from home, or expect secure remote access to their email, applications and data while on the move.
  • Mobile workers that have access to company resources are able to respond quicker to business challenges and client requests.
  • Flexible home working allows staff to work outside of the regular 9 to 5 hours, creating a platform for increased efficiency.
  • Workers in remote offices such as client sites or regional or international offices are able to access their company without the need for a complicated setup.
  • Staff working in teams are no longer restricted by physical locations.
  • Most remote access solutions are device or location independent.
  • Critical decision makers can have access to information from anywhere in the world, at anytime to ensure that they do not miss anything.

Employees can make more effective use of what would otherwise be lost time, by being able to immediately respond to colleagues and clients.

Infolink can supply and install a range of solutions and devices that best fit your business needs and your IT strategy.